Hackers May Abuse Microsoft Support To Read Your Emails

Hackers may be abusing the Microsoft Support tool in a way to gain access to users email, including MSN, Hotmail, and Microsoft Outlook email tools.  They abused a customer support portal that allowed them access to read the emails of any non-corporate account. Microsoft confirmed to TechCrunch that some users of the email service had […]

What it Takes to Be a Champion

From the Desk of Anthony Polselli, CEO Peyton Manning, retired NFL Quarterback for the Denver Broncos, won two Superbowls (played in a total of four) and broke numerous records (21 total) during his football career. Much of his success is attributed to his philosophies on teamwork, leadership, and goals, which parallel those of my company. […]

Protecting Your Mobile Devices from Malware

According to recent statistics, malware attacks take place every 39 seconds.  Between Bot-Nets to malware infections and crypto locking viruses, it’s become more important than ever before to secure your systems with the right form of Anti-Virus protection.  Now, more than ever before, hackers have started targeting mobile devices like our phones and tablets. As […]

The Basics of Data Backup

Whether you have one computer for doing simple tasks, or you’re a business owner with hundreds of workstations at your office, it’s important to know that your data is safe.  The most fundamental step you can take to ensure your data’s not at risk is to back it up.  There are several backup solutions available. […]