• 5 star review  Natural Networks has been our phone vendor for 7+ years and internet provider for 3+ years. We haven't had any down time or service interruption in that time. They are very responsive and take the time to understand our needs to ensure our services and infrastructure are always running efficiently. Could not be happier!

    thumb Jessica Polletta
  • 5 star review  We are very pleased with Natural Networks. The equipment used is top notch and the support is very responsive and extremely knowledgeable. Specifically, Anthony and Jessica have been quick to respond to our questions and support when we need it.

    thumb North Cobb Endodontics
  • 5 star review  Natural Networks have handled our office phone system, internet, and tech support for years. Anthony, the owner is very committed to ensuring client satisfaction. He’s very reachable and runs a well oiled machine. Very happy with this company.

    thumb Janelle McCreary
  • 5 star review  Natural Networks support is the best! In particular, Jessica is always responsive, professional and works diligently to make sure any issues are resolved ASAP. Thank you!!

    thumb Aaron Tarazon

Natural Networks Has Been the Most Responsive, the Most Creative in Problem Solving, and Most Capable to Provide Cutting-Edge Technology

Compared to IT firms that we have worked with in the past, Natural Networks has been the most responsive, the most creative in problem solving, and most capable to provide cutting-edge technology.

At year end of 2019, Paramount moved to a full network and data management solution through Natural Networks, as well as to their VoIP phone service. Although the additional level of network security, SOC compliance, and improved connectivity for all employees was an immediate benefit, the major benefit (unforeseen at the time) has been at home connectivity for all employees during the Coronavirus.

Within days after our request to go remote, Natural Networks provided an easy-to-use web-based connectivity solution. This included Web Ex training, instructional videos and reference documents. Our employees are now all working from home with minimal issues and with timely online support when problems are encountered.

You will not know your current provider’s true capability until a crisis strikes. You can rely on Natural Networks to be there, on time, and with the solutions needed to keep your business running and your staff employed.

Bryan Woods COO & CFO

If You Want a One-Stop Shop for Your IT Needs, Natural Networks Can Provide Everything You Need

We have been a client since 2010 and can attest to the fact that if you want a one-stop shop for your IT needs, Natural Networks can provide everything you need. What sets Natural Networks apart from other IT firms is their in-house support technicians. We are always able to call and speak to a technician when issues arise. In emergency situations, technicians are also available after hours to solve critical business issues, which is priceless.

We also rely upon the expertise of Anthony Polselli, President of Natural Networks, when it comes to Information Technology projects. Whenever I need assistance with our business technology, I can count on his leadership and follow-through to find a successful solution that is completed expeditiously and is cost-effective. As a result, Natural Networks helps us to consistently maintain a reliable and efficient infrastructure.

During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we needed to quickly setup users for remote access to our in-house servers (Exchange, Sage 100, Laserfiche). Natural Networks was able to setup new user accounts for all of our staff and was also available to help users set up their home computers within one business day.

We trust Natural Networks will continue to provide excellent managed service to us and look forward to working with them for many more years to come.

Bob Dillon Operations Manager

We Have Been with Natural Networks for Nearly 20 Years and We Look Forward to Twenty More!

Natural Networks offers a one-stop-shop for many of the IT related systems that every company needs.  To a small company, this is particularly important as it is quite inefficient to work with a myriad of companies for all of the IT related items that a company needs in order to methodically operate in this high tech world we live in.

Considering how quickly the tech world is evolving, the NN system has been reliable and very well supported by Natural Networks as they stay on the cutting edge of technology to always provide their clients with the latest information and advice. If any questions do arise, the Natural Networks’ knowledgeable support team offers excellent support to resolve the issue.

We have been with NN for nearly 20 years and we look forward to continuing with them for twenty more! Give them a call – you will not be disappointed.

Daniel Silverstein President
Harvey King, Inc.

Goes Above and Beyond to Assist Us 

We rely on Natural Networks for our telephone service, firewall, computers and more. It is so convenient to have a one-stop shop for all of our IT needs. Because they are local in San Diego, they can get someone on-site quickly if necessary. Natural Networks goes above and beyond to assist us.

Genie O’Brien Office Manager
Dunhill Marketing & Insurance Services, Inc.

They Truly Do Strive to Develop Long-Term, Trusting Relationships with Their Clients

We’ve been with Natural Networks since 2007. When Natural Networks claims that they offer personalized, hands-on service, they sincerely mean it. Like our firm, they truly do strive to develop long-term, trusting relationships with their clients. This philosophy has resulted in long-term cost reductions for our telephone service with them as well.

When we moved from analog to a digital VoIP system, Natural Networks came in at a very competitive initial capital outlay and low training burden in comparison to popular big name alternatives. They always provide prompt and personal responses to support queries. Some folks might be bothered by the fact that Natural Networks is not a big “household” name. We actually like the fact that Natural Networks is not a huge corporation, but rather a dynamic local firm that is responsive to smaller accounts like ours.

Because of the interest and care that Natural Networks has provided from the very beginning and all of these years, we count on having a lasting, healthy, and successful partnership with them for a long time.

Joe Seiley, MBA, CRPS Partner & CFO
Davis & Seiley Wealth Management, Inc.

Easy to Get Help

I appreciate that Natural Networks makes it easy to get in contact with them for my computer or telephone questions and concerns. They resolve issues quickly because they are familiar with our multiple systems. In the pharmacy business, downtime translates into a major problem for us as well as our customers. Natural Networks is sensitive to that issue and works to save us time and money. I would highly recommend them.

PJ Nudo Owner
Nudo’s Pharmacy

Stop the Search!

There is a dependability that is unmatched by Natural Networks in the IT industry. In the flower delivering business, we often have immediate deadlines, particular customers and a fast-paced environment to please. Having one quick and responsive go-to contact for any issues with internet and phones has saved me and everyone else in management countless hours on the phone.

Our company has multiple locations and there are many occasions where customers are calling last minute to order so having business solutions that are extremely reliable and of quality are a must. Additionally, Natural Networks is often aware of our issues before I am, and again, are more responsive than any firm I’ve ever worked with.

Stop the search!  You will not find an IT company that will take better care of you than Natural Networks.

Sam Bowles General Manager & Creative Director
Allen’s Flowers & Plants

Couldn’t Be Happier…

I could not be happier with my decision to transition my IT services over to Natural Networks. They maintain a personal relationship with their clients and have worked to really understand my technology needs. They provide every customer with personalized attention and service. I never have to deal with a call center or get transferred through different level of customer service. This is huge! Work with Natural Networks and you will find out why they have so many long-term customers.

Chuck Stewart IT Manager
ReoTemp Instruments

Responds Quickly to Any Issues and Always Follows Up

It is convenient having the same company work as our Internet provider, our Cloud telephone provider, and keep us secure by providing a managed firewall. Natural Networks responds quickly to any issues and always follows up! They do installations and physical work at our business at times that are convenient for us.

John Yamate General Manager
Seaforth Sportfishing

They Provide Quality Customer Service

Natural Networks saves time! Before we had several vendors managing our IT services. Every time we wanted to make a change, it meant many emails and phone calls. Now, we have one point of contact and it is so much easier. I prefer Natural Networks to the competition because they provide quality customer service and have fast response times. We have used Natural Networks for more than four years as our IT provider, and are happy to continue to work with them.

Luiz Motta General Manager
TDO Software

We Operate Smoothly

Since Natural Networks took over our IT, telephone, and Internet service, we operate smoothly without problems that we encountered in the past with other IT providers. If we need any assistance, they respond quickly. We do not have to wait for an appointment or fill out a lengthy request form. I would recommend Natural Networks to any business interest in finding a better IT partner. We appreciate the quality of service provided by Natural Networks.

Lety Garcia Administrator
Fire, Etc.

You Won’t Be Disappointed

We switched to Natural Networks because of their customer service. It’s always easy to contact them for any of our business needs. If we have a problem, their team gets it resolved quickly. They explain technical concepts in a way that is easy to understand. Having a reliable technology partner helps our business run more efficiently. Go with Natural Networks. You won’t be disappointed.

Robert Falcone Manager
Point Loma Sportfishing

Zero Downtime!

Lee & Associates contracted with Natural Networks as our phone and internet provider in 2016, and have experienced zero downtime! The transition to our new phone system was absolutely seamless and even with an upgraded internet speed, we’re paying less than what we were paying our previous provider. Jessica in Support is always very quick to address any support items or questions we have and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Working with Natural Networks has provided a sense of confidence and ease in our infrastructure. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new provider.

Jessica Polletta Office Manager
Lee & Associates

If You Want Solutions and Not Excuses Then Go for Natural Networks

Natural Networks has been our technology partner for more than 15 years. As our company grew, we could rely on them to help us pick the right telephone, internet and IT so that we could continue to serve our customers. If you want solutions and not excuses, then go for Natural Networks.

Mark Dale CEO

Proactively Prevents Big Problems and Troubleshoots the Easy Solutions Promptly

We have tried 2 other IT firms and were extremely unhappy until Natural Networks. As a business owner responsible for achieving financial success with my clients, having peace of mind that our clients’ data is safe and secure is critical to my client relationships and to the integrity of my firm. NN parallels my client philosophy in the way they handle their clients – we feel more like a business partner with them than a customer.

At Patenaude Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on the deep and rewarding relationships that we have cultivated over many years. We believe that strong relationships are an integral part of providing exceptional service to our clients and reaching their financial goals. Considering how sensitive the financial data is that we manage, it is essential that we have a managed services provider on-board that parallels those same beliefs, and we found that in Natural Networks. Their team proactively prevents big problems and troubleshoots the easy solutions promptly as they come up.

Gregg Patenaude President

Natural Networks Far Surpasses Any Other Firm I’ve Ever Worked With

I’ve dealt with several firms over the past 15 plus years, and the level of customer service, personal attention, and dedication we receive from Natural Networks far surpasses any other firm I’ve ever worked with.  The convenience of having everything handled in one place saves my company time and money. No more hours of long wait times, like when dealing with AT&T or Cox.

With NN, I’m most impressed by their customer service.  Natural Networks is quick to answer the phone and take care of whatever we need instantaneously so we can get back to work.  Everyone in the firm is always extremely polite, knowledgeable and makes sure that our company’s needs are met before we get off the phone with them – they always follow up with us to verify that everything is working properly.

Our business technology solutions are in good hands with Natural Networks as we know they are being expertly managed. Because they are really good at what they do, I have no worries about whether a help request I send to them is going to be handled and handled right!

Randi Jones Finance Director
Pike Insurance Services

Natural Networks Checked Off All of My Boxes

When I searched for a technology partner, I looked for someone that successfully answered the following questions: Have they been around for a while? Will they continue to be around? Do they have a successful track record? Do their operations perform effectively?

Natural Networks checked off all of these boxes and more. Since we moved to their services, we have gained much more functionality in our solution than ever before. Now, we have a complete communications package that extends beyond the confines of our office and keeps our users connected anytime and anywhere. Natural Networks is focused on providing service with exceptionally quick response times. No other IT firm we have worked with has provided a service level that is even remotely close.

Gerry Geron IT Manager
The Brady Company

Working with Natural Networks Has Taken the Stress Out of IT

Our industry can be extremely intense and demanding when it comes to the level of expectation we provide to our clients. The perfection of our hospitality service, the design and immaculateness of the dishes we create and serve, and our culinary responsibility to provide quality food and craftsmanship are what has kept us in business for almost 30 years.

The philosophies that contribute to this success are teamwork, excellence, experience, comprehensiveness, and great service, to give a few, and it is clear that Natural Networks believes in these same principles in their business, too. Working with NN has taken the stress out of IT allowing us to focus on our business and give our customers our very best. We can always count on them to be proactive in our needs so that we don’t have to worry about anything.

Hands down – Natural Networks excels in their industry in acting in a timely manner, operating with cohesiveness, and providing us with top-notch customer service.

Leslie Morra Operations Manager
Waters Catering + Fine Foods

Makes Things Easy by Providing Responsive Service

Natural Networks makes things easy by providing responsive service; they are always just a phone call away, typically handling our concerns quickly so we are not left feeling alone to deal with issues. Their techs also speak to us like regular people without all of the IT jargon. Pricing is clear and transparent with quotes upfront – everything is discussed beforehand with no surprises lurking later in the contract. If, and when, a problem does occur, Natural Networks constantly exceeds service expectations saving you time and money in the long run.

Matt Poucher Director of Operations
Frazier Farms

They Consistently Provide High Quality Support

We needed help to manage our firewall and take care of our computers and backups. Natural Networks has proven to be a great choice for single source expertise in meeting our IT needs. They consistently provide high quality support. I appreciate their professionalism and speed of service.

Harold Meyer VP Manufacturing

The Accessibility to These IT Professionals When We Need Them is Priceless!

Natural Networks handles both our managed IT as well as our CloudPBX system and, frankly, the accessibility to these IT professionals when we need them is priceless. In business, it is extremely important to have your technology solutions, not only consistently working, but at a quality level. Having a phone system that you can rely on, and holds pertinent information about who calls our company, provides efficiency with our customers and with our internal communication that was unrealized until we had that capability.

On the IT side, problems that arise and can consistently delay work that needs to be done is handled and resolved with urgency. The level of expertise with the Natural Networks staff goes above and beyond our regular IT needs. We’ve been able to reach out to NN about a number of projects that were not phone or computer-related that would have never been addressed by another provider. They have always come through with a tremendous amount of help.

I definitely recommend Natural Networks because of their reliable service, the talent and knowledge of their team, and the fact that they still consistently work to help us resolve issues in order to keep our business running smartly and efficiently.

Diana Martinez Customer Relations & Logistics
King Lee Technologies

A Seamless IT Experience

Natural Networks has made our lives so much easier. Our internet speeds are so much faster and we are able to operate our business much more efficiently. The response rates are very fast - usually within minutes! Problems are solved quickly and Natural Networks doesn’t give up on an issue until it is resolved. They are professionals and stand by their services with integrity, which I admire. I would highly recommend Natural Networks to anyone looking for a seamless IT experience.

Dawn Carvajal President
The Wild Thyme Company

Trustworthy and Highly Competent in a Variety of Services

At Natural Networks, the support technicians are competent, friendly, and are accessible when needed. They are also extremely responsive and have flexible availability to work with us for on-site service and maintenance.

Having Managed IT, Internet and CloudPBX under one umbrella is so much more convenient to manage than having separate vendors and is a big time-saver! There is just one bill instead of three and we can always connect with a live person if we have questions about anything and get resolution instead of an answering machine service. It’s been a huge help having a business partner that is trustworthy and highly competent in a variety of services that can be brought into a project and knowledgeably consult on all technology solutions.

For all of the reasons above, I would definitely recommend Natural Networks.

Antonina Sanfilippo General Manager
Avison Young

No Problem is Left Unsolved

Since we do not have an IT expert on staff, it is helpful to have Natural Networks just a simple phone call or email away from helping us out at any of our locations. We are busy servicing our customers and want to keep it that way, so, it is great having someone else step in quickly and resolve problems. Not only that, it has been much more cost-effective than having a trained employee on staff. Further, they are highly proactive, consistently reviewing our business needs and offering us choices in our IT and phone solutions in order to prevent any problems from happening in the future.

NN is not too large of a company that you lose that personal touch, receiving poor customer service, and end up becoming just an account number. We have been using Natural Networks for as long as I can remember and have never felt the need to switch or look for another provider because of how satisfied we are with their services. No problem is left unsolved. No doubt, I would highly recommend Natural Networks to any friends, family or business.

John Kunde Owner
Diamond Sales & Service

Natural Networks is a Win for Us on Multiple Levels

Back when we had AT&T, we not only had a much higher bill, but we also had additional services that were costing us a fortune. I had also become unhappy with the quality of communications from the operators at the answering service and was concerned that they were not representing us professionally. Also, working with the TDO software without the phone integration was tedious and made it more hectic for us to pull the patient’s records and service them immediately and effectively.

The single biggest benefit that we have experienced since joining Natural Networks is the fact that we are saving over $400 a month on our phone solution! Natural Networks was $300 less than AT&T right off the bat. We have eliminated our answering service and expenses altogether and, now, the system directs our after hours calls to go to the office voicemail or the doctor on-call. This feature alone has saved us an additional $100 a month!

The TDO integration is an added bonus and is not just a caller ID per say. It has become extremely useful for our front desk in identifying who the caller is, whether or not they are an existing patient and if they are, their status, making operations run much more smoothly and efficiently and making for happier patients!

Natural Networks has been a win for us on multiple levels. I don’t have a lot of experience with other IT firms, but, one thing I do appreciate is that any time we need help, Natural Networks is instantly available always with excellent service.

Dr. Lars Björn Jönsson, DDS, MS Co-Owner
Saddleback Valley Endodontics