Dedicated Fiber Internet Access for Your Business

The need for a more consistent internet connection experience is becoming more and more vital as technology continues to rapidly evolve – and your customers and employees depend on it. We understand how essential this solution is so, yes, we are also an internet service provider (ISP) that provides dedicated internet access for businesses large and small in addition to all the other business-to-business technology that we offer.

Broadband connections have drawbacks, especially the fact your internet connection is shared by other companies around you. This can affect the speed your company gets if traffic is high, slowing down workflows for you and your employees. As business demands increase, so does the need for consistent internet performance, dependable connectivity, and a robust – but cost-efficient – connection that will keep up with your growing business. The beauty behind dedicated internet access is the fact that you do not have to compete with other subscribers for bandwidth; it is all yours!

Benefits to Our Dedicated Fiber Internet Access

  • Consistent download and upload speeds regardless of the time of day or what your neighbors are doing allowing you to consistently work with fast speeds throughout your work day.
  • Pro-active 24x7x365 monitoring of your Internet connection.
  • Live technicians answering your calls to assist and provide you with quick turnaround on your support needs.
  • Combined with our IT and network solutions, your business will get the benefit of our 360-technology coverage, which includes our 24/7/365 dedicated support team and solutions that deliver peace of mind.
  • Our super secure internet service is composed of around 7 Tier-1 internet providers, sourced from geographically diverse locations, and delivered in a highly available manner.
  • Carrier-grade Cisco routers, dedicated terabit fiber backhaul between our datacenters, and an MPLS overlay making for a solid, consistent, and secure internet solution.

Our dedicated fiber-based network is a solid and extremely cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses looking to get the best in their internet connection. Contact us today to enjoy dedicated, high-speed internet!