If you’re thinking about updating the computers and laptops in your office, it’s important to understand the new offerings and technology that is available today to you. Laptops and desktop computers are constantly evolving and being updated each and every year, and you can help your employees be more productive by providing the best equipment for their needs.

Today, there is a wide variety of new computers to pick from compared to a decade ago. From desktops, “all-in-ones”, laptops, and even microcomputers (a tiny handheld computer device similar to a smartphone that has as central microprocessor), there is a computer that fits the needs of just about any and every client on the market.

Which Computers Fit Your Office Needs

As a managed IT services provider, Natural Networks knows that every business is different and has their own set of technology needs that help them run better. From small businesses to large offices with multiple workstations, we help our clients decide what hardware will best serve them and their staff.

We also assist our clients in finding the types of computers that are a best fit for their offices by understanding their business processes and needs so that their systems run efficiently and upgrade properly no matter how much speed or hard drive space is required.


Laptops and other portable computers have become much more popular in the business environment over the last several years and the popularity is increasing. With more and more people working while travelling or working remotely from home in addition to better inventory tracking methods, and more available and faster mobile hardware, laptops have overtaken traditional desktops in the workspace.

Today’s laptops offer faster CPUs, more available memory, and solid state drives, or SSDs, for speedy storage and with Windows 10, it has become much easier and quicker for workers to be able to work within a company domain via Azure and access data via the Cloud. These capabilities make it easier for employees to work anywhere – either at the office or away.

Not only has the software on laptops improved with the inclusion of Windows 10, Office 365, and cloud services, like Azure, but the hardware has come a long way from traditional laptops as well. Many laptops now serve as tablets, allowing users to flip the keyboard underneath the screen and utilize the touchscreen capabilities. With features, like Windows Hello and Fingerprint readers coming standard on these devices, keeping them locked down and secure has never been easier.


Desktop computers still remain a staple of every office. When you need a bigger screen, more power and capabilities, or a workstation that doesn’t need to leave the workplace, desktops still come in quite handy.

With changes in size and capacity, capability, and functionality to fit almost any office space need, desktop computers have gone through their own period of revisions. Today, you can find desktop computers that are built as all-in-ones, with the entire computer built directly behind the monitor such as the Dell Optiplex 7760. This makes them easy to set up and move around the office as desired.

Hardware size has been reduced greatly from the old days, and heat management has improved to a degree that mini and micro size PCs are now able to be utilized more often in the office as well. Micro-PC’s Dell Chromebox, or Lenovo ThinkCenter M625q offer a computer with a tiny footprint (the amount of physical space a computer takes) that allows it to be placed in areas that do not offer much space. Some monitors even provide an area where these tiny computers can be stored and out of the way. No more need to put a large bulky metal box on the floor next to your legs!

Some of these computers can run completely on a hosted remote network as well. A hosted network provided by your managed IT provider (like Natural Networks) can provide a safe, controlled environment that your computers connect to and where your employees can access specific software whenever they need to.

Natural Networks is a managed IT services provider who can help you find the right hardware for your office. If you want to learn more, give us a call today