Since last year, and in some cases even longer, there has been a supply squeeze making it more difficult to get the items we are all used to having same day or next day after ordering them.  Supply chain issues have caused everyone massive headaches, from ordering simple office supplies to getting new computers for employees.  As a technology provider, Natural Networks has also had to deal with its share of the supply chain troubles.

Shortages have hit the technology field particularly hard, and there has been a significant increase in delayed orders and shipping times.  Here are a few pointers that we’ve found useful when trying to get new IT items in, either for ourselves or as part of an order for a client.  If you’re having trouble getting the items you need for your office or staff, try some of the following things out and see if they may help you.

Computers have been particularly difficult to come by, and getting the one with the right specs for a good price has gone from challenging to nearly impossible in a decent turn-around time.  Wait times for standard workstations have exploded, with some having to wait 4+ months before their orders arrive.  If you or your office is in need of a new workstation fast, luckily there are some options for you.  Ordering a pre-built workstation tends to have a faster turn-around time.  It’s nice to be able to customize, but most manufacturer’s offer devices that have already been made ready to order, which may lead to a faster shipment time to the end user.  Try to avoid customizing your workstation order, and stick to the ready-built devices that are already built and ready to ship.

It may also help to order in bulk.  If you need a lot of technology items besides a computer, it might help you if you order many items together.  This may be the right time to order that router, switch, monitor, new workstation, and docking station all at once.

Having a ready to use spare workstation is also a good idea.  If in the case that your current active workstation fails and the replacement could potentially take upwards of several weeks, having a spare computer that’s ready to go now will save you a headache later.

It’s also a good idea to try different suppliers for the items your looking for.  If the shipping times for a computer or other item your trying to procure is too long at one online shop, it’s a good idea to try alternative sites that may offer better shipping times.  If Amazon has an item that will ship after 2 weeks, you may want to try an alternative site to see if they can get the item to you sooner, like, AliExpress,, or something similar.

We are all hoping for the supply chain strains to end quickly, and for our shipping times to get back to normal.  Natural Networks is a fully Managed IT Services company, and we work with several businesses across the country to facilitate technology support and security.  If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today!