In 2018, business and technology have become more integrated than ever before.  It go's without saying that if you want to be a business owner today, you must have technology skills to match.  Part of having those technology skills includes having the right IT strategy.  This includes having a trusted IT Solutions team, keeping control of the patching of critical business systems, and planning out the best way to deploy your technology.

Managed IT Solutions

Having a Managed IT Solution means having access to a dedicated team of technology professionals available to help and manage your systems 24/7.  As opposed to investing in hiring and training IT experts, you can save time and money from having to maintain your own computers, servers, printers, data storage, backup, network security, and more by having a managed IT solution in place to take care of that for you.

Managed IT Solutions are able to catch things before they become a problem.  By utilizing network and device monitoring tools, your IT company is able to be aware of and solve issues before they become a problem.  Whether you require routine upkeep of your computers, or need a robust anti-virus solution, entrepreneurs are finding that a dedicated Managed IT solution provider is a far better option than keeping IT in house.

Patch Management

Keeping your systems up to date is an important aspect of keeping your business technology running at optimal performance, and with little downtime.

Patch Management is a means of system management which involves testing, and installing multiple patches to managed systems.  Patch management allows for maintaining knowledge of current patches and availability, deciding what updates are appropriate for which systems, ensuring that updates and patches are installed correctly, testing systems following updates, and documenting procedures such as configuration requirements.

Technology Deployment

Knowing the best way to deploy your existing or new technology is another aspect to consider in the business technology world.  Having a proper strategy for deploying, setting up, and ensuring all aspects of any corresponding software are properly implemented are all necessary aspects to proper technology deployment.

With these various aspects playing major roles in business going forward, it's easy to see why having a team of professional technology experts to help you is a far more popular choice among business owners compared to hiring in house.  If your interested in learning more about what a managed IT solution can do for your business, we encourage you to contact us to learn more.