Windows 10 recently announced the addition of its Enterprise offering to its Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program. The move is good news for small and mid-sized businesses, which will now have access to Enterprise level services for the affordable sum of $7 per user per month.

Enhanced Security Features are Instrumental for Businesses of All Sizes

Microsoft announced its decision at the Worldwide Partner Conference, and highlighted the fact that small business customers, who have in the past been relegated to the Windows Pro version, have not typically had the ability to access the Enterprise edition of Windows. Historically, the primary difference between Enterprise, Pro, and Home versions has been the level of security. And lately, security has nothing to do with business size, as all businesses of all sizes are now subject to equal vulnerability from cyber attacks. Apparently, Microsoft has taken note of the non-discriminatory nature of cyber threats, and decided that small and mid-sized businesses need access to the same high-level security features as their Enterprise counterparts.

Windows Enterprise

Switching From Windows Pro to Windows Enterprise Could Take as Little As Two Minutes

While Windows Enterprise has traditionally been available under a licensing model for larger corporations, that framework simply isn’t practical for small and mid-sized businesses. With the addition of the Windows 10 Enterprise-as-a-Service to Cloud Service Provider model, businesses of any size will have immediate access to the security that they need with the assistance of their managed IT services Microsoft Partner. According to Microsoft senior partner Nic Fillingham, since no reboot or additional downloads are necessary, a partner can move a client from Windows Pro to the Enterprise edition in approximately two minutes.

Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 Switch to Enterprise Is a Bit More Involved, But Worth It

If a customer is moving from Windows 7 or other previous versions, the process will be a bit more involved, but still relatively painless considering the security benefits the business will see in return. Even the smallest of organizations—down to single person operations—will get access to the latest version of Windows through their CSP or managed service provider.

Enhanced Security Features Combined With the Anniversary Update and IT Managed Services Means Powerful Protection

Windows 10 Enterprise edition brings a number of security features to the table, especially if the business user is coming from Windows 7 or other prior editions. With the confirmed Windows 10 Anniversary Update set for August 2, even more features will be added—including the long-awaited Windows Information Protection (WIP), formerly known as the Enterprise Data Protection (EDP) service. Users can expect enhanced security, identity protection, threat resistance, and information protection with the update.

WIP seems particularly useful given its app-aware functionality, which aims to encrypt content to prevent sensitive data from being inadvertently leaked. Consider these stats for perspective:

  • Recent data indicates that 87% of senior managers admit to uploading work files to a personal email or cloud platform
  • 58% have accidentally sent sensitive information to the wrong person
  • The average cost of a data breach across all industries is $240

Probably the most valuable part of the new Windows Enterprise model is that it is integrated into its Microsoft Cloud Service Partner program, which means that as a business’ security and productivity needs evolve, it will have the valuable assistance of an experienced Microsoft Partner to guide them along the way.

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