In partnership with La Jolla YMCA Trailblazers and Casas de Luz, Natural Networks helped to build homes in Tijuana for the weekend of May 4-5, 2019!

Casas de Luz
Started in 2005 by Kathy Faller, Casas de Luz is similar to other home building charities you may have heard of such as Homes for Hope or Habitat for Humanity, but at a much more personal level. Participants and Families work side by side, over two days, with hand tools and plenty of time to appreciate the fullness of the experience.

In addition, the Casas de Luz program provides ongoing support for these families in the form of education for the children and additional donations of food, clothing, and special needs items, such as wheelchairs. The program also includes many other initiatives, such as recycling of materials (windows, appliances, doors); donations of used items that can be put to good use rather than filling up our land fills; and greening of the colonias with fruit tree cuttings and other plants (tomatoes).

As important as providing a home for a needy family is, these stable homes also become anchors in the community and give the children that live in them greater opportunities for education, thereby helping to break the poverty cycle.

Please help make it happen again with your generous donation!

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