The Patrick Henry High School robotics team, The Patribots #4738, competed in the Las Vegas, FIRST robotics regional March 21st through 24th.  After a 55th place ranking in San Diego, the team decided to rally and sign up for another regional event as the results of San Diego were not representative of their work or the 150lb robot, nicknamed "The Milkman."  With only two weeks to prepare, the team requested additional support from mentors and sponsors.  Natural Networks, provided their company truck to get the robot and tools back to San Diego after the event.

After two days of qualifying matches the Patribots were ranked 11th with a 7-5 record. The top 8 ranked teams started on the field creating their alliances of three teams going into finals, with the first ranked team selecting the second ranked team, and the third ranked team picking the seventh ranked team, and the forth and fifth ranked teams combining, this created an opportunity for the Patribots to be an alliance captain as the 8th ranked alliance. Working together with their alliance, the Patribots went up against the first, second and fifteenth ranked teams as the first seeded alliance. In quarter finals the Patribots only needed two matched to proved themselves, winning 337 to 310 and then 397 to 351. In semi-finals, the Patribots alliance member, MindCraft, suffered some irreversible damage and unfortunately lost. The students, however, are very happy with the outcome. They succeeded in proving that San Diego was a fluke and came out an alliance captain, something which they have never done.

Here is a link to the website for First, we do The FRC, which are the bigger robots: