Lacking a Solution to Protect your Company from a Security Breach?

Natural Networks has the answer: PII Protect.

To address the rampant issues with small businesses being hacked, Natural Networks has added a robust security platform that protects our clients’ businesses by providing security awareness training, simulated phishing campaigns, and security policy templates, all through a single portal. This program will help to turn weak employee links within your organization to your best defenses against hackers.

With human error causing 95% of data breaches, working together to create a layered security strategy can actively reduce risk to your business.

You also might be interested to know that:

  • 71% of all data breaches occur from companies withless than 100 employees
  • 60% of companies go out of business as a result of a data breach

Cyber criminals are smart; they know how to get through the cracks. If your employees know what to look for, they’ll be less likely to fall for a scam that could put your business at risk.

The Benefits of PII Protect to Your Company:

-          Educates staff to identify phishing scams and potential data breaches

-          Strengthens employee knowledge and security

-          Finds employee vulnerabilities and patches them

-          Dark web scan capability

-          Simulated phishing tests

-          Weekly micro training videos and tips

-          Security policies templates

To protect your organization from security breaches, please contact us at 619-222-3232 and ask for
Mei-Ling or Anthony to schedule a demo!