Over the last several decades, computers have continued to shrink in size and provide conveniences and efficiencies like never before.  As software and hardware continues to advance and suit the needs of more specialized tasks, it has become easier and cheaper to have computers fill roles for us that make life around the office better.

Microcomputers, complete systems on chip solutions (SoC’s), and 2-and-1 laptops are often capable enough to handle the heavier tasks needed for businesses of all industries and sizes.  These computer form factors are often inexpensive in comparison to buying a traditional desktop or laptop as well and still have the ability to accomplish many of the same tasks needed for your company.

Types of Specialized Computers

2-and-1 Laptops are further blurring the line between tablet and a full-on computer.  Many new laptops, like the Lenovo X1 Yoga, come with touchscreens and 360-degree hinges to allow flexibility to flip the keyboard and screen around to stand.

Laptops that offer the same extreme portability as tablets but offer the same power as standard laptop computers have become increasingly popular for businesses that are on the go. These devices offer various unique features as well such as ‘TP Mode’ that allows the laptop to be stood up and enables the camera for easier presentations during video calls.

Other laptop-like devices such as the Microsoft Surface Book are closer to tablets, but still offer a generous number of specs and power.  Devices like the Surface Book come with unique stylus pens for writing and drawing, and their keyboards can be completely removed to offer a fully-fledged tablet experience.

A System on a Chip or SoC is a complete computer that’s built onto a small board.  Typically, these micro-computers are the size of a credit card and can run several versions of the Linux operating system, or offer a user-friendly web interface.

There are several roles that these smaller form factor computers can fill at your office.  For example, if you need to play a slideshow presentation on a loop in a lobby for waiting guests, a micro-computer can plug directly into a TV to fill that need.  Micro-computers and System-on-a-Chip devices can also act as a centralized hub to control smart office features like lighting, windows blinds, and temperature sensors.

Some popular SoC devices include names like: Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Tinker Board S, Rock64 Media, or Helios64.  These devices can be configured and setup to take on a plethora of tasks that can make life a little easier in and around the office.

Computers are constantly going through new developments, and smaller, specialized computers are capable of filling more and more specialized tasks.  If you would like to learn more about which computers and technology is right for your office, give us a call today.