Natural Networks is pleased to announce the newest integration with TDO Software!

Natural Networks has worked with TDO to provide a VoIP (Voice over IP) solution that will integrate with TDO Software. TDO’s CEO Luiz Motta says, “We are pleased to work with Natural Networks in providing this solution to offices using TDO, and feel confident that offices will see a benefit should they choose to use it.”

Using this integration will allow endodontic offices to open a patient record automatically when a call comes in as well as the ability to speed dial patients from within TDO. This is also the same VoIP solution that TDO Software uses when calls are made to TDO. All of this is possible with the CloudPBX integration that is offered by Natural Networks.

To learn more about this integration as well as to find out about the technical requirements, please visit the corresponding article on the TDO Knowledge Base as well at TDO’s website

If you are interested in contacting Natural Networks regarding this integration, please call us at 619-222-3232 and ask for either Mei-Ling or Anthony.