Is your office ready to move to a virtual environment?  It's becoming more viable to move your workstations to a virtual environment, and working in a virtual environment has shown to improve work-ability.  A virtual office can offer you and your staff the ability to work anywhere they can access the Internet as well as fast secure work inside a hosted virtual environment.

Hosted Cloud Services

How can you benefit from a virtual cloud service?

Being in a virtual cloud environment means that you no longer need to completely depend on the PC or Mac that sits in on your desk.  Instead, those devices are being used to connect to a server that is hosted in an offsite, secure location.  Cloud service providers, like Natural Networks, offer a variety of software solutions within a hosted virtual environment.

The benefits of working within a virtual cloud network include:

  • Security - You don't have to fear losing your data if your computer is stolen or broken. Your data and applications are hosted on the Virtual Cloud Servers, and, therefore, always accessible, no matter what happens.
  • Anytime Access - So long as you are able to connect to the Internet,  you can access your virtual workstation and your data from anywhere - your home, a hotel room, or at any public place!
  • Cost Savings - You can quickly, and cost efficiently, turn on and decommission virtual workstations for each new or departing employee without having to purchase new equipment.  Instead, you can simply request a new user to be added on your virtual work environment.

Using a hosted cloud environment will ensure a more flexible work environment and enable more control over your overall work experience.  If you're interested in learning more about using a Virtual Hosted environment, contact us today.