Voice over IP (VoIP) has shaken up the business worlds communications in some great ways.  Being more consumer and price friendly, VoIP has allowed small and medium sized business the opportunity to use a fully functional cloud based phone system, without the huge expensive of owning a dedicated phone system.  It's important to stay up to date however on VoIP trends, and changes that will define the industry in 2017.

Mobile VoIP Taking Off

5G technology is making it much easier for employees to communicate using VoIP.  Due to this trend in 5G technology, it's expected that far more people and businesses are expected to start switching mobile phone users to VoIP.   The number of mobile VoIP users is expected to surpass 1 billion users during the 2017 year.

Network Improvements

In 2016 there were nearly 6 billion devices connected to the internet, and that number is expected to continue to grow throughout 2017.  This increased amount of traffic is expected to create some major congestion over the next few years.  We expect to see technological innovations to take place that will address the surging amount of new devices connected to the greater internet.

Security Innovations

Forbes reported that security is one of the top concerns for business owners in 2017.  VoIP users should understand that internet telephony services are easier to breach than traditional landlines.  However, new security protocols and services are expected to become available in 2017 to address malicious software intended to compromise VoIP in-house and cloud services.

VoIP Technology Integration

VoIP is a communications solution that most companies have jumped on, or at least considered in recent years.  As more companies start using VoIP technology, those who do not upgrade are being left behind.

This is why VoIP vendors will most likely strive to integrate their services with customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other enterprise software systems. All of these can make a business far more efficient, and as business owners recognize the need for these solutions, VoIP providers will strive for an integrative approach.

Voice over IP services aren't going anywhere. They provide a variety of benefits over legacy phone systems, and the trend towards VoIP could eventually render older solutions useless in the future. Of course, it's essential to be prepared for whatever VoIP has in store over the coming years. And to professionals "in the know," the aforementioned trends are pointing the way.

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