When it comes to buying a new computer for your business, it can be difficult to differentiate between all the options that are out there. While Apple computers have just one version of their Operating System, PC’s have several versions of the Windows Operating Systems. In addition to operating systems, there are different warranties, business vs home-based hardware, as well as other factors that are important in having a computer that is “business ready” and will last as long as possible.

Instead of running through the gauntlet of attempting to buy the right hardware and software for your business, there’s an easier way to find the technology that meets your business needs. Utilize your Managed Service Provider (also known as an MSP), like Natural Networks, to get the computers and other equipment that’s best for your business – after all, isn’t that what you are paying them for?  An MSP has trained technology experts who understand your business’ computer needs and will help you purchase the right computer saving you money and hassles in the long run.

The Advantages of Using an MSP for Your Computer Purchases

There are important reasons for using your managed service provider to help you find the right computers for your business:

  • Choosing the right Windows Operating System. For businesses, the business version is essential. Most retailers sell the Windows Home version on all of their systems. So, if you buy a computer with the Home version OS, right off the top, you will need to spend $100 in order to upgrade your Windows OS. In addition, there are different versions of Windows that are suited for different needs.  Your computers may need to connect to a domain or share files within the network, and only the Pro version of Windows is capable of doing this.  So, again, choosing the wrong operating system when you purchase a computer will cost you extra, guaranteed.
  • Warranty coverage. When purchasing a computer through your MSP, like Natural Networks, we are able to work with technology partners to get you the right warranty for your devices and, typically, at a better price. In the event there is equipment failure, we take care of dealing with the manufacturer so that you can focus on your business, worry free.
  • Computers you purchase on your own are not optimized for work as expected. Most computers you purchase at a local electronics store or online are packed with bloatware, trial anti-virus software, and, often, are missing important updates.  When you purchase a computer through your managed service provider, you are getting a computer that is fully updated – which only includes the programs that you require in order to work – and is completely optimized.  Most MSPs charge extra to setup client-purchased computers because of all the extra work it takes to remove the junk software, clean up the system, and get them properly updated.
  • Longevity and durability. The computer you purchase from an MSP is built for business, not for home use. Business computers are designed to last longer and be utilized much more often than a home-based computer as home systems are used a fraction of the time in comparison to a business system. In order to reduce unnecessary costs and effort, manufacturers recognize this fact and, therefore, invest in hardware materials that will suffice for home-based work purposes only, hence, the “cheaper” price point. Thus, when you buy from your MSP, you are getting a computer built with higher quality parts and one that is ready for business-based work. This means better performance and a much more durable machine that will last longer as business hardware is built for higher productivity and “abuse” (i.e. travelling for business and level of productivity).
  • Computer issues are handled with no extra charge when bought through your MSP. If the MSP purchased the computer for you, you have peace of mind knowing that the repairs and issues will be handled without extra charges tacked on to it for the work. If it is a retail-bought device and the issues are unfixable or the computer is defective, you have two options: 1. Call the manufacturer and hope you do not burn too many hours calling multiple numbers or sending hundreds of e-mails to have it fixed, or 2. Call your MSP and likely be charged a troubleshooting fee and you would need to be the one to exchange the computer. Allowing your managed service provider to handle computer purchases will provide the following: one call to get the computer taken care of, added leverage on your warranty with the manufacturer because your MSP has an on-going relationship with them and purchasing power, a robust computer that will do the job, and a computer that has already been programmed and optimized so that you and your employees are ready to hit the ground running once they get their computer from us.

In a nutshell, that old adage, “You get what you pay for…” is, in essence, exactly what we are saying here.

Thus, on the surface, the retail buy looks like a good investment until you add up all the additional time, fees, and hassle and realize your new computer does not meet business standards; thereby costing you more than if you had just ordered through your MSP from the start. It is always recommended to reach out to your managed service provider to discuss options, best practices, and ask questions about pricing if you are trying to decide the best value for your money.

Whether you are purchasing a computer for a home-based business, or a series of workstations for a large office, it’s important to get the right hardware and software that will help you and your employees do their best work with efficiency and the least amount of down time as possible.  If you are interested in learning more about how Natural Networks Managed Services can help your office, give us a call today!