Dear Prospective Client:

As a managed services provider, there are multiple responsibilities that I must honor in order to properly service my clients. Their data is essential to protect so that they are able to run their businesses seamlessly, keep their internal information secure, and communicate with their vendors, customers, and, internally, with their employees. In my business, if I do not honor my contractual obligations to 1. Handle their data accordingly, 2. Charge the agreed upon rates, and 3. Provide the best service, I would not be in business for very long. The very essence of my industry is based on trust, especially because we handle such sensitive, confidential data on a daily basis. Without trust, a managed service provider will not survive and your reputation is shattered for life.

My clients know that when I do a quote, it is going to be the best price on the market and at a high value; they will get more features and benefits in their services with me than they would with another provider because I don’t believe in “nickel and diming” them; I want them worry-free and happy. I also stand by the quality of the work that my team and I provide. It makes me feel good when I have clients that are completely satisfied because of the competence and talent of my company and what we do for them. One of my mantras with my clients is that we want to be their external employee, their partner in business, for many years to come. When they grow and save money because of our solutions, we know we’ve accomplished our goals for them. I don’t up-sell or cross-sell to a client unless I strongly feel that their business will greatly benefit from the service. I base this off of my Quarterly Business Reviews that I conduct with them where I discuss with them any issues I have noticed while monitoring their data or network. I am constantly checking in with our clients to make sure that they are doing well and reassure them that I will personally handle projects or issues that arise, if necessary, to give them peace of mind.

I will always conduct business with the utmost integrity, because that is how I would want to be treated. At the end of each day, I can be rest assured that I haven’t done anything to compromise my personal values as a business man, husband, boss and father of two. My aim is to always set a positive example for my children, my wife, employees, peers, and clients and by doing so, accomplish the goal of being in business for a long time. I believe that I will, because I have built that trust in my clients and in my community.

Dedicated to serving you,

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