Microsoft Office products have always been one of the go-to software packages out there for accomplishing daily work tasks.  The software Word, Excel, Power Point, and especially Outlook have changed the way we do business in our offices, at home, and at school.  According to Garners market research, Microsoft’s Office suite has a near 90% of the market share in the email authoring space.

It’s not difficult to see why Microsoft Office has dominated the software industry for so long. The innovation Office 365 offers to complete daily office work with these products has gotten even stronger over the years.  Here are just some of the benefits that Office 365 can bring to your office.
Key Benefits of using Office 365

Access your software and files from anywhere, anytime. Office 365 brings the software packages like Word, Excel, and Outlook to a centralized website.  One of the primary benefits of this is the capability to access all your files from anywhere in the world when connected to the internet.  Going to the Office web portal at brings you to the online version of all your office software, as well as the capacity to store files and emails to the cloud.  Now, traveling has never been made easier with the swift and simple power to work remote.
Improved communication through Teams.  One of the products included with the Office 365 is an application called Teams, which helps your team stay connected in and out of the office.  Teams is a superb communication tool that can help your employees collaborate on projects and communicate effectively through meetings, video chat, and instant messaging.

Business continuity is made easy with Office 365.  File storage in the cloud helps keep files synchronized across all your devices that are connected to Office 365.  Should there be a disaster, your employees can work from anywhere if they have Internet access.  You should also work with a 3rd party backup provider (like an MSP) who can backup your Office 365 data so that it can be recovered in-case your organization gets compromised.  No matter what happens to your physical devices, your email, files, and data are safely secured in the Office 365 cloud.
Administration is made simple with Natural Networks. With a managed IT service provider supervising your Office 365 account, creating new email addresses, generating shared mailboxes, creating and adding users to distribution groups, and so much more are made quick and simple to do.

Natural Networks is a managed IT services provider. We help many of our clients by managing Office 365 for them.  We take the stress and worry completely out of managing Office 365 licenses, accounts, and email creation or deletion.  If you’re interested in learning more about how Natural Networks can help your office in all aspects of IT, give us a call today!