The Premier Voice Solution for TDO

TDO and Natural Networks have developed a phone solution that is now capable of integrating with your software!

When you partner with our experienced team of technology experts, you’ll soon discover how our “white glove” approach allows you to work more efficiently as we take care of all of your technical needs.


  • Seamless Access. Opens a patient record automatically when a call comes in without detouring your current activity on the screen.
  • Instant Dialing. Speed dial patients from your computer within the TDO platform as well as dial any phone number on your computer with just a press of a key.
  • After Hour Calls. We can set up recordings and program so patients can dial other extensions and emergency lines.
  • Power Outage? No Problem. Our Cloud will allow patients to still reach voicemail or be forwarded to someone’s cell phone so the patient can be taken care of.
  • Supports Multiple Sites. Seamless phone operations throughout all of your office locations.


  • Turn-Key White Glove Solution. Training, configuration changes, and staying up-to-date in the Cloud.
  • All of the Features of an On-Premises Phone System including Auto Attendant, voicemail to email, and Call Forwarding.
  • Never Miss Another Phone Call. Calls can be forwarded automatically to your cell phone.
  • Use Your Smartphone as Your Office Phone. By downloading our app on your smartphone, you can use your cell phone as your office phone, i.e. transferring calls and conferencing.
  • Listen, Whisper and Barge. Useful tool for training new employees while they are on live patient calls.

Whether you need us to design and build your network, install new hardware, or enhance and customize your business phones, we have you covered. We want to make your business successful.

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