Video conferencing software can be a powerful tool that your business can utilize in order to bring together a team to collaborate on projects and work better with one another.  There are several different video conferencing platforms to choose from, each with their own strengths and benefits.  Making sure you are using the best video conference tool for your purposes and understanding how to keep it secure can take your meetings to the next level.

How Can Video Conferencing Help Your Team

The business world is becoming more interconnected all the time, and team members can’t always be at the office to meet and work with one another. They can still communicate with each other via e-mail, or over the phone, of course, however, when outside the office, live video conferencing can accelerate collaboration between team members in a much more meaningful way.

Some of the benefits to using video conferencing include:

Reduced Travel Time and Costs – Video conferencing enables managers, team members, IT staff, and others the ability to coordinate on projects and milestones without having to leave their desk.  In times where members must stay at home or be away from the office, they are still able to participate in meetings as if they were actually there in person.

Improved Communications – Sometimes what happens in a live meeting can be missed or hard to convey in an email. Many video conferencing software will allow you to also record the session, which is ideal for referencing something that was said and that you are struggling to recall.  Additionally, video conferencing enables all team members to be there to discuss all aspects of a project and cut down on unnecessary emails.

Increased Productivity – Video conference users found that the biggest benefit was increased efficiency and productivity.  They found that participants are more in sync, which allows decisions and productivity to be done faster and is more effective.  Zoom, a video conference tool had an increase from 10 million users to over 200 million users in the span of a few years.  These users benefited from having a tool that enabled them to provide support remotely, converse and collaborate with team members, provide training, and daily demos.

Employee Flexibility – Video conferencing offers your employees the added flexibility to be able to contribute to meetings and conferences while being able to work from home or be on a job site.  This helps improve productiveness and contributes to employee retention.

The Right Video Conference Platform for Your Business

You may have heard of several different video conferencing platforms like Zoom, or Cisco WebEx.  These are free to use video conferencing software utilities that anyone can download and use.  They are simple to set up but often lack the security you may want to ensure your conferences stay between your employees and those they need to speak with.

Natural Networks has a cloud-based video conferencing tool that can help ensure your team can collaborate with anyone they need to in a safe and secure way.  Using a managed services provider, like Natural Networks, to assist with your video conferencing needs means that you can video conference, message, invite members, and customize contacts all from one area in a simple and secure manner. This service is provided via their CloudPBX system.

VoIP integration over CloudPBX – VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol (which is just a fancy name for your phone system over the internet) has the capability to integrate a viable and powerful line of communication for your business. VoIP not only offers a robust tool for video conferencing, but it also includes other tools, like instant messaging, voice teleconferencing, voicemail, contacts and more. In other words, you can run video conferences, just like Zoom and Cisco WebEx, right from your phone software! You can also utilize a soft phone with VoIP to take your phone or extensions anywhere you go; on your cell phone or on a device outside of your office.

Utilizing video conferencing gives your team a competitive edge by enabling them to work from anywhere and stay in the loop with their team.  You can also utilize training for you and your team and get support from trained experts with your video conferencing tools.  If you want to learn more about how Natural Networks can help your team with video conferencing, give us a call today!