Natural Networks CloudPBX is a popular VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application used for business communications. Natural Networks’ CloudPBX provides a software-based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system that allows organizations to make and receive calls over the internet instead of traditional phone lines. It offers a range of features such as call routing, voicemail, conferencing, call recording, and integration with other business applications.

With a Natural Networks provided phone system, businesses can use various endpoints for communication, including IP phones, softphones (software-based phones), and mobile devices.

With these multiple features and advantages, Natural Networks Phone Service is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes looking for a cost-effective and feature-rich VoIP solution.

The Advantages Natural Networks CloudPBX Offers Your Team

Here are some advantages that a Natural Networks CloudPBX can offer your team:

  • Flexibility and control: More flexibility and control over your communication system. With a CloudPBX system, you have the option to deploy and use your phone system how you want it. Access your extension, and make and receive calls from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Integration capabilities: A VoIP phone system offers strong integration capabilities with popular business applications, such as CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics), messaging platforms (e.g., Microsoft Teams, Slack), and other productivity tools. This allows for smoother workflows and improved productivity within your organization.
  • White Glove Service: With Natural Networks CloudPBX your phone system is taken care of from setup to deployment. All the features are made available to you without any additional costs, and there’s no extra cost for setting up additional extensions.

There are several VoIP based applications such as RingCentral, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Vonage just to name a few, but they lack key features that a Natural Networks CloudPBX offer which can help elevate your business to the next level in effective communications and collaboration.

Natural Networks CloudPBX brings multiple, simple features under one umbrella, giving it a clear advantage over other VoIP apps like those mentioned above.  A few of these unique features include:

  1. Built-in conferencing which can be used to quickly establish a video or audio-only conferences between multiple callers. All within one application window, you can create or schedule a conference between multiple people, quickly and easily manage the conference by adding users through a direct number, or simply adding in contacts who are already part of your organization.
  2. Instant Chat Messaging allows users to send text-based chat’s instantly to enable team members to collaborate with each other seamlessly. Users can chat one another for occasions that don’t warrant a call, or when team members need to quickly reach out to each other.
  3. Built-In Switch Board enables your team to be able to see other members groups and status’ all from one window, so they can see who’s available, on a call, or otherwise free.
  4. SMS Chatting is an additional feature that can enable your team to communicate via the Instant Chat application directly to other team members cell phones, or to end-customers cell phones as well.
  5. Conference Calls are easy to setup and schedule. You can quickly create conference calls with video or just audio from the phone application, quickly invite multiple users on the fly, or schedule a conference for a future date.

With Natural Networks provided VoIP services, you always have knowledgeable experts who can get your new phone system configured and running exactly the way you need it.

If you want to learn more about how Natural Networks based VoIP services that can help launch your business to the next level in communications, give us a call today!