The data your home or office stores contains the passwords, personnel information, bills, and other vital information that is important to your small business.  Managing this data in a safe and secure fashion is pertinent to business cohesion, privacy, and accessibility to the information you need.  More businesses are using multiple data storage and management platforms to protect their information and increase its usefulness throughout their organization.

Storing Your Data

There are several methods for storing your data both locally and off-site.  The various methods for storing your data come with differing degrees of manageability, scalability, and security.  Knowing which is right for your business can depend on a several factors including size, the business you conduct, and how important the data is. A managed IT services provider, like Natural Networks, can help you to find the solution that fits best for your business’ data capacity and growth.

Local Data Storage Options

Storing your data on your company’s workstations can make it difficult to manage, forcing employees to share documents through folder sharing or email.  Often, this is cumbersome on the workstation itself as well, which has limited storage capacity and is less secure.

Instead of storing important company information that needs to be accessed and managed in a secure and nuanced manner on each user’s local workstation, consider using a Network Attached Storage device (NAS).  These devices can store several terabytes worth of data and are easily expandable when you need more.  NAS storage devices also offer a great way of securing your data and managing access to it so only the users who need access to certain information can get it while keeping other data hidden.

A NAS is not only a great way to store data for your organization - it is also a viable solution for backing up the workstations throughout your office.  A managed IT provider, like Natural Networks, can help with the setup and management of a network storage solution, like a NAS, in your office.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Having a robust, cloud-based data solution in place can help your employees access essential data when needed no matter where they are.  Accessing data is made easier for those who need it, but also a cloud-based solution can help by acting as a backup for disaster recovery.  In times of crisis where employees can’t access the office, like in the event of a fire, flood, or even pandemic, you and your staff can still access the data they need from a cloud-based storage solution.

Managed IT providers, like Natural Networks, can help you in finding the right cloud storage options that fit your business’ data needs.  We can work with you so you know how to access your data and have the peace of mind that your data is secure and monitored.

Data Management Can Help You Learn About How You Use Data

More businesses are utilizing data management practices to learn more about how their data is used and how their business is changing.  Many of the data storage solutions offer robust reporting systems to help you make sense of your business’ data practices.  Organizations and businesses are utilizing data practices more than ever in order to make informed business decisions and gain insights into customer behavior, trends, and opportunities.

You can learn more about how to better store and manage your data by working with a managed IT Solutions provider, like Natural Networks.  If you’re interested in unleashing your data’s potential, give us a call today!