Is your anti-virus security ready for the new year?  As the 2019 year comes to a close, we have seen a variety of new forms of malware, viruses, and spyware that have wreaked havoc across PCs and Macs alike. The typical “virus” is not as prevalent today, and security experts agree that spyware and Trojans are more rampant with hackers of late.

As infections change and evolve, so, too, does the need for anti-virus software to help protect against such forms of malware.  Instead of using a single standalone anti-virus program that you update year after year, the more effective way to protect your computer is with a security suite.

What’s Involved in a Security Suite

A full security suite is a set of software and hardware that is built to protect your network and all of the computers you own or manage.  Whether you just have one personal laptop or an office full of computers that are used by co-workers, a security suite spans anti-virus protection, spam protection, anti-spyware, and a robust firewall to give you complete coverage.

Because malware and spyware has changed and evolved over the years, it’s no longer enough to just have standalone anti-virus protection.  Spyware is able to traverse networks and infect your computers in so many different ways that it requires a much broader form of protection now.  Malware can come from ads that play on a website through e-mail spam, and, in some cases, even come preloaded on devices you may have purchased from a legitimate source.

What is a Security Suite Made Up Of?

The key pieces of a full security suite involve end point protection from malware and spyware, a spam filtering service, and a firewall to protect your network.

  • End Point Protection – Anti-virus software that protects your computer clients from malware and spyware is considered at the end point of your network. It’s where the eventual target is for these types of infections.  SaaS, or Security as a Service, can help protect the computers in your home or office from infections that your employees and family may encounter unknowingly.  Managed Services Providers, like Natural Networks, can help protect your devices with SaaS-based protection with anti-virus software.
  • Spam Filter – Many consumer grade e-mail providers, like Google, Yahoo!, or AOL, for example, include a minimalistic spam filtering service, but, if your company acts as its own e-mail provider through an Exchange server, or you have a custom e-mail domain through some other means, it’s a necessity to have some sort of e-mail spam filtering that can prevent spam from getting to you and your employees’ inboxes. Spam e-mail messages are the number one way that spyware and malware spreads and can infect your computers.  Natural Networks can help you by providing a spam filter through their e-mail services.
  • Firewall – Consumer-based routers have built-in measures that do an okay job at protecting against threats that could traverse over your network, however, they lack when it comes to protecting against the larger variety of attacks we see today. A hardware firewall is necessary when it comes to defending against attacks that involve over-utilizing your network traffic as they have built-in tools that can remove infected packets traversing your network and can quickly pinpoint network clients that are acting abnormal.

All three of these elements working together will give you stability, consistency and the proper security needed going into the new year.  Natural Networks is a Managed IT services provider that can help you get your network security ready and continuously be maintained for your peace of mind.  If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today!