You may not realize it, but the devices in your home that connect to the internet could be a doorway for hackers, cyber stalkers, and other criminals who can gain access to your network and steal your personal information.  Our homes and businesses are more connected today than ever before.  With the smart technology revolution, our refrigerators, doorbells, and security cameras, to give a few examples, all have the potential to be remotely responsive to our commands via the Internet, leaving you vulnerable to serious security concerns.

So how can you still take advantage of these smart technology devices without having to compromise your security?  There are a few key security tips and tricks to keep in mind to help keep your devices secure and still take advantage of your smart home and business devices.

How Your Devices Can Be Targeted

Hackers and other cyber criminals are always looking for ways to gain access to unsuspecting networks.  With the emergence of the IoT (Internet of Things) and smart technologies, it has opened up new ways for them to gain access to your network.  In 2019, it was reported by CNET that ring video doorbells had a vulnerability which leaked critical Wi-Fi login information.

Cyber criminals don’t necessarily have to be physically around or in your home in order to gain access to or through your connected devices either.  Hackers can remotely scan for open ports that can be exploited to gain access to your home or office network.  As more smart devices are integrated into your home and office, they open and use these ports, creating potential entry ways for hackers to exploit.

Gaining access through one unsecure device can potentially open your network to further attacks as well.  Luckily, keeping your connected devices secure can be easy and provide peace of mind.

How to Secure Your Smart Devices

You should always take into consideration the security of any device that connects to the internet.  Smart devices, like video doorbells, security cameras, wireless boosters, and many others, all connect to the internet in order to enable the features that make them “smart.” Manufacturers of these devices often overlook or underestimate just how unsecure they can be, and it’s left to the consumer to ensure their devices are secure.

  • Creating a Unique Password – It’s important to always secure your devices with a strong, unique password. Be it your router, security cameras, video doorbell, or even your online Keurig coffee maker, it’s necessary that you set a strong unique password when setting these devices up.  Don’t trust the passwords that the manufacturer provides, always update the password with a unique alphanumeric password you can remember.
  • Use Strong Wi-Fi Encryption – Your router’s wireless settings offer various forms of encryption, some stronger than others. It’s important that you use the best and most secure wireless encryption available for your wireless devices.  When setting up your wireless router, enable WPA2 for the most secure wireless encryption method.
  • Integrating a Firewall – Cyber criminals can scan for open ports on your network. Your router acts as a gateway between the outside world and your internal network.  As you add more devices into your home, they may open new ports to communicate with the outside world.  That’s why you should integrate a firewall that can ensure that you close any open ports to the outside world, preventing hackers from gaining access to your network through them.  A managed IT Solutions company, like Natural Networks, can help you with adding a firewall and managing it for securing your home or business network.
  • Keep Your Devices’ Firmware Updated – From Nest Thermostats to Ring Video Doorbells to your smart refrigerator, your online devices and appliances will have the ability to update their firmware. The firmware is the underlying software that controls the device. Keeping the firmware up-to-date can close security vulnerabilities and provide new features.

Keeping your data safe is an important part of today’s technology-driven world.  With the help of experts in the technology field, like those at Natural Networks, they can help you in ensuring your data is safe.  If you have questions or want to learn more, contact us today.