The concept of wearable technology is nothing entirely new, but as computers have gotten smaller its been a lot easier for  companies to pack more tech into a smaller package.  With smaller technology comes more utility for wearable tech, making devices like the Apple Watch, and Google Glass possible.  We took a look at a variety of different wearable technologies to see what they're doing now, and what their going in the future.

Is Wearable Technology Ready for the Main Stream

There's a been a wearable technology renaissance since Google announced in 2012 its Google Glass project, promising users an entirely new experience and way to interact with their phones.  However the project didn't pan out as intended, and it didn't receive the mass adoption that was anticipated.  However other technologies like smart watches, and VR/AR Headsets have found success wear Google Glass failed to gain a bigger standing.

Smart Watches and VR Headsets have found a more stable place in the technology world today, but their uses are largely meant to supplement the experience of other technology like a smart phone or a computer.  So it will depend on your needs, and what you hope to accomplish to decide if this technology is right for you.

That being said, we believe wearable tech has indeed come out of the far fringes of the tech world, to find a home with users who's needs may include:

  • Better Active Health
  • A More Interactive Experience
  • Better Phone App Support
  • Instant Access to Notifications

Some of the most viable wearable technology today come's in the form of Smart Watches, which boast support for for both iOS, and Android devices.  This also means that these smart devices act more like companions to their smart phone, so to get the full range of uses from these devices it's best you also have the right phone to pair it with.

Fitness Trackers has a list of their top 10 most anticipated fitness trackers for 2018, which all can help with tracking sleep, heart rate, steps, and overall health.  Fitness trackers have become by far the most popular warble tech, with a wide assortment of uses.  If you are focused on better health, there's a wide array of smart watches with health being their primary function.  These benefits can be really useful for people looking to improve, and monitor their overall health and fitness.  A benefit to many fitness trackers is that they also pair with both iOS and Android, making it convenient for those who may have already chosen their preferred mobile universe.

Smart Watches

For those that want to do more with their smart watches than simply track fitness goals and read the time, there are a variety of smart watches that are available as well.  Apple and Android Smart Watches not only offer the benefits of most fitness trackers, but they also act as a companion to your smart phone, offering quick access to notifications, calendar events, incoming calls, and other important data your applications may be trying to give you.

Depending on the device you have, you may want to choose the appropriate smart watch to pair with your phone.  If you have an iPhone, you'll definitely want to pair it with the Apple Watch, and if you have a galaxy phone, you'll likely want to pair it with the latest and greatest Galaxy brand watch.  Tech Radar gives a great list of their highest rated Smart Watches for 2018 we recommend you check out if your looking for a new smart watch to go with your phone.

Virtual and Augmented Reality Ware

We've come a long way since Google Glass, and other companies have started taking Virtual and Augmented Reality into a more realistic level.  HTC's Vive, and the Oculous Rift which is now owned by Facebook bring a completely new meaning to Virtual and Augmented worlds.  Microsoft has also announced an Augmented Reality headset called HoloLense, and these devices are hoping to bring VR and AR into our lives, although with how big these goggles can get it might be better that they stay within the confines of our homes.

Wearable technology is getting lighter, smaller, and more functional.  We're looking forward to seeing what new wearable technology there is to come about, and how it will all work to make our lives better.  If you want to learn more about technology, you can visit our blog each week!