With the increased popularity of the cloud and its innovative solutions, you are no doubt left wondering if it’s time to consider moving to the cloud, and why it is so trustworthy.

cloud backup

While it should be noted that cloud and on-premise solutions should work as partners in an overall backup plan, providing clear and informed answers as to why the cloud may be the better overall choice is pretty easy. Here are a few examples of when a cloud solution offers clear superiority.

  1. When remote workers are involved – More and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits of remote workers. This doesn’t come without some drawbacks, though. With remote workers, there is a greater risk of lost or stolen laptops, human error opening spam email, or irresponsible behavior on the Internet. With so many employees working remotely and the very real threat of cyber attacks on the rise, it is more difficult than ever to manage and protect the data being used daily on various devices in multiple locations. Cloud backups are an ideal solution in this scenario because employees are able to restore their devices from any web browser. Often, they can be back to working productively in a very short period without ever having had to return to the office.
  2. When human error rears its ugly head (and you’re not there to fix it) – It is inevitable: People make mistakes. Human error is the most common cause of information loss in an office. When important files are deleted in error,  having a cloud solution in place means that oh-so important file can be retrieved easily, even when you are not in the office. Cloud backup solutions make retrieving a deleted file as easy as opening a browser and logging in to the cloud. Retrieval can even be accomplished from a tablet or smartphone. In the span of a minute or two, the file can be found on the most recent backup, sent to where it needs to go, and everyone can get back to what they were doing.
  3. When the budget tightens – We live in a tough economy, and budgets are tighter than ever. Cloud solutions offer a lot of bang for the buck, making your IT dollars stretch as far as possible. Cloud solutions, on a whole, can fit into the budget as a monthly expense. They alleviate hardware spending and are adoptable at a fraction of the price of on-premise solutions.
  4. When you cannot afford an IT manager – Not all businesses can carry the expense of an IT manager, no matter how critical that role may be in maintaining the company’s software and infrastructure. Outsourcing a job as important as this one can be tricky and expensive. How thankful businesses can be that the cloud provides a solution. Cloud solutions and, in turn, MSP’s have replaced the role of the in-house IT manager. Cloud backup solutions are extremely user–friendly; they are easily managed because they are cloud-enabled and require no management software. Client software can be installed and managed from any Web browser simply by logging in. Default system settings are designed to let users start backing up immediately with a minimum amount of training.
  5. When software needs to be upgraded – In the wake of security threats and constantly evolving technology, all software needs to be upgraded from time to time. This is especially important for backup software because such software needs to keep up with the latest releases of the systems being backed up. Cloud solutions are far superior in keeping up with this need because their multitenant systems are upgraded on behalf of their users. This results in zero downtime. Even client software is more easily upgraded. With little to no user training or communication,  upgrades can be pushed to supported devices.


These five scenarios are not the only times when a cloud backup solution can be a breath of fresh air.  Among  the cloud’s many benefits are that it is a resilient, more secure, and disaster-ready platform than on-premise solutions.

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