When a power failure occurs in your location, will your IT equipment be ready?  Power failure’s are an unfortunate fact of life, and one can occur at any moment, rendering your office to a complete stand-still.  Power failure’s can also result in the loss of not only work, but data, hardware integrity, and service capability.

If your office’s technology is not protected with the appropriate protection in the event of power failure, or power fluctuations, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage in an instant.  Your office technology, from desktop computers, servers, network equipment such as firewalls, and access points, printers, and any other technology that maintains power through an outlet in the wall can be susceptible to the events of power failures and fluctuations.

However there are solutions that can help you prevent your office’s technology from shutting down immediately following a power failure event, and can even protect your hardware from power surges and brown out events.  Battery backup units are an essential part of every offices IT infrastructure, and it’s recommended that you protect your IT equipment with a battery backup unit with surge protection capabilities.

How Do Battery Backup’s Protect Your Devices

The way a battery backup works, is by combining the utility of a surge protection strip and pairing it with a separate battery which can help maintain power to the devices that are connected to it.  In the event of a power outage, the battery stored within the backup unit kicks in, taking over as the power source for the devices connected to it.

Battery backup units can provide between several minutes of battery power to close to an hour in many models.  Depending on how many devices are connected and their power consumption, you could potentially maintain power to your computer without even realizing the power went out.  Many battery backup units come with a software component which can inform you of a power event, and let you know that status and health of the battery in the unit.

Battery Backup units are highly recommended not only to maintain the equipment in a server rack, but for each computer in your office.  Power events can reap havoc on your office’s IT without you even realizing it.  It’s best practice to keep server, network, and data sources such as NAS’s and other critical IT infrastructure behind a battery backup unit with surge protection capabilities.  This way in the even of power a power failure, it’s possible to safely shut down your server and data storage hardware, which can prevent serious damage and cost your business thousands of dollars in repairs or restoration.

Natural Networks is a Managed Service Provider, and we partner with businesses both large and small to help them maintain proper power protection for their devices and critical IT infrastructure.  If you want to learn more about how an MSP like Natural Networks can help protect your IT hardware in the event of a power failure or other power event, give us a call today!