The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a growing part of our lives for years, and devices that take advantage of internet capability have been shown to enhance workflow, improve safety, automate data collection, provide real-time operational insights and other features of efficiency to help our busy lives.  Implementing IoT devices into our business infrastructure can offer huge benefits when integrated into the office.

IoT Printers That Can Track Progress – Many printers are already network capable – allowing computers and other devices like tablets or smart phones to print to them over a network – but IoT capable printers have even more capabilities.  Printers connected as IoT devices can track paper usage, deliver ink levels via email to you and can even automatically order new ink when it’s needed. 

Smarter Lighting in your Office with Intelligent Light Bulbs – You can save a lot on power in your office by using smart light bulbs to turn on and off based on a schedule that you or your office manager set.  You can also adjust the brightness and color of the lights to help productivity in the office as well.  Best of all, you can do this all from an Alexa- or Siri-enabled device.  You and your employees can control the lighting audibly rather than having to stop what they are doing to physically flick a light switch on the wall that may be located across the room. 

Smart Assistants Can Help with Office Awareness as Well – Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, offers a high-level business-centered smart assistant called Alexa for Business.  Alexa for Business can sync up all of your office’s IoT devices, and provide all the information you need at your fingertips – from weather reports to tracking meetings – and offers a lot of customizations. Apple and Microsoft digital assistants can administer your IoT devices in addition to helping to manage employee calendars, emails, and give other notifications via voice when needed.

Smart Thermostats Can Help Save On Power and Improve Employee Comfort.  Smart thermostats, like the Nest or Honeywell, can be set directly from your smart device. You can also automate temperatures throughout the year which can save your office on power usage.  Like other IoT devices, you have the capability to control your smart thermostat through a digital assistant like Alexa or Siri as well.

Automate Your Office with Voice-Enabled Devices, Like Amazon Dot or Apple Home Pod. To help control smart devices around your office, play music, receive updates on the weather or news, and much more, you can use devices, like Amazon’s Echo Dot, or Apple’s Home Pod, around the office.  You can set reminders for employees, which can be sent through these smart devices as well, and team members can control them as necessary to help with their productivity.

IoT devices of all kinds can help your employees to improve comfort, help with productivity, and manage devices.  More devices are starting to automatically have the ability to sync with our digital assistants and improve usability by connecting to your network.  A managed IT services provider, like Natural Networks, can help you with managing your devices and help you understand better how IoT can improve your business quality lifestyle and efficiency.  If you want to learn more about what Natural Networks can do for your office technology, give us a call!